Sat. Feb 4th, 2023
task management commands in linux

Top – display Linux processes
Htop Interactive ncurses-based process viewer that allows scrolling
kill – Send a signal to process, or terminate a process (by PID)
killall – Terminate all processes (in GNU/Linux, it’s kill by name)
watch – execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen
background process &
pkill – look up or signal processes based on name and other attributes
nohup – run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty
Fg – send job in the foreground (interactive)
bg – send job in the background, as if it had been started with &
| – It pipes the standard output of the first program to the standard input of the second

:redirect append
&> : redirect all standard stream

nice – Alter priorities for processes
pgrep – Find PIDs of processes by name
pidof – GNU/Linux equivalent of pgrep
pkill – Send a signal to process, or terminate a process (by name).
Equivalent to Linux killall
ps – Report process status
renice – Alter the priorities of an already running process
sleep – Delay for specified time
time – Time a command
top – Produce a dynamic list of all resident processes
wait – Wait for the specified process’s exit status

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